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Google Changes SEO Ranking for “Responsive” and “Mobile-Friendly” Websites

Beginning April 21, 2015 Google will begin using a new algorithm for ranking results of mobile device searches. Meaning that while searching on your mobile device, Google will return search results that meet their responsive/mobile-friendly requirements before sites that do not. This can have a big effect on your SEO rankings, and whether or not your visitors will find your site, even if you have been ranked high previously.

It is important to note that this adjustment in ranking is intended to help Google deliver mobile-friendly sites for users while searching on their mobile devices. Why would Google want to deliver a site that doesn’t work well on the device you are using? With so many searching and accessing online content from mobile devices this action makes perfect sense.

So how will this change in ranking affect your business?

If you have customers or visitors that access your site from a mobile device, and often find you through searches, then you will be impacted. Google has listed specific criteria that they use to determine if your site meets their guidelines for “mobile-friendly”. If your visitors are primarily desktop users than this change may have little to no effect on your SEO rankings. You will need to review how your site visitors are finding you and how many are using a mobile device.

In addition, the ranking will be done daily so the impact could be noticed very quickly.

Now What?

If your site is not “mobile-friendly” it is time for a refresh. If your site is “mobile-friendly” than you should review the new Google criteria and have your website updated keep your rankings moving up. Now is a good opportunity to make some adjustments,and possibly move ahead of a competitor, especially one that is lagging behind with technology.


Contact RAIN Visual Strategy for a free assessment and see how your site stacks up to the new Google “mobile-friendly” ranking criteria.