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Our People

David Rengifo
Principal, Creative Director

David has led successful design and marketing communication solutions teams for nearly two decades. He has served as the President of Arizona’s chapter of American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), and currently teaches at Arizona State University.

“When form and function come together, it’s simply beautiful. Only when that happens is a project ready.”

David loves hiking, biking and the outdoors.


Julie Rengifo
Accounting, Office Manager

Rain is fortunate to have Julie here on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With over 20 years of accounting experience, she keeps our office and accounts running smoothly.

“Prompt paying clients are my favorite.”

Julie enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, and spinning classes.

Shannon Buetel

Director of Client Services

Shannon has been with the Rain team since 2000. Exemplifying her diversity and adaptability, she has successfully managed varied accounts that include real estate, travel and leisure, healthcare and entertainment. Shannon has a proven track record in managing creative, schedules, production, budgets, personnel and client deliverables.

“My philosophy is under promise and over deliver!”

Shannon enjoys traveling, water sports, and seashell collecting.


Steven Smit
Principal, Creative Director

Steve is known for developing intelligent design solutions for leading companies. He has gained national recognition for the imaginative and often deceptive simplicity of his work. Steve also teaches at Arizona State University’s College of Design.

“Design improves everything, so of course it’s going to enhance your business objectives. That’s the beauty of the work we do.”

Steve is an avid skier and loves to cycle.