Demonstrate with Video to Educate and Motivate

Do you want to get people excited about your brand? Do you want to stand apart from the competition?

At Rain, we’ve spent more than 20 years completing design and marketing work for many industries, including healthcare, higher education, space technology, finance and construction. Through this diverse experience, we have developed visual content to explain, demonstrate and motivate customers to act.

This video we developed as part of a curriculum for Arizona State University’s Bridges Program. It teaches teens how to handle their emotions during challenges they may face, such as bullying, peer pressure, or familial issues.

VISUALLY educate your customer.

Educating your customers builds your “expert” status and at the same time builds value and loyalty to your brand. Time and time again, we’ve seen this as the solution to our clients’ needs.  It’s no longer enough to “tell” customers how great you are. They want to see it and decide for themselves.

Now, the question becomes, how do you accomplish this education? Trust us, it’s not another “white paper.” The best way is through tools that show your story. Visual tools that speak to the customer — such as videos or interactive websites — that help teach your audience about your product or service.

Demonstration materials can be developed for:


Whether you need to demonstrate to customers how and why to use your product, or instruct employees on internal processes, our team at Rain can partner with you to create videos and/or materials to educate your audience in a quick, concise and fun way.

How do we know this works?

Here are a few examples that illustrate how visual tools can help inform, educate and/or demonstrate. This video we developed for the Breast Cancer Society informs donors what happens to their money and helps bring peace of mind.

When you implement these types of strategies into your marketing plan, your company or organization begins to organically stand out from the competition by showing how you are different rather than simply telling us.


What do we offer?

As we said before, our team has more than 20 years of experience working for many industries, including healthcare, higher education, space technology, finance and construction.

We specialize in designing tools that demonstrate your products and services:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Videos
  • Interactive websites
  • email campaigns
  • Print materials
  • Workbooks or guidebooks
  • Presentation tools
  • Interactive websites
  • PowerPoint presentations

This video is one of several training “TechTips” we created for Samson Rope as part of a series. These were used to develop brand loyalty and simplify the introduction of a new concept and product to an industry.

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