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A while back we worked with our client, Samson Rope, to build momentum as they moved their product line into a new market segment. By all quantitative measurements, Samson’s product features, benefits, customer service and distribution channels were superior to their competition. They also had significant experience bringing products to market. After a couple of years, though, they were still just scratching the surface of potential sales in their new market.


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As we surveyed their potential customers, current sales strategy and competition, we quickly realized something quite unexpected. Their potential customers did not “trust” the product after ONLY viewing the printed sales materials and talking with their sales team. The company “promise” about the product was perceived as “too good to be true” and therefore couldn’t possibly be real.

We realized with Samson Rope, as is the case with many other companies, regardless of industry, to overcome lack of trust in a company’s product and promise. The potential customer needs to “see” the product in action before they can trust the qualities promised in the sales messaging. The product story needs to be shared in a way that the customers can visualize how the product will perform in real world situations. Oftentimes, more than just a marketing mix that includes print and an informational type of website, for example, the product also needs a compelling product video.

So what gives?

Video offers the viewer multiple levels of sensory experiences, including audio, visual, and emotional. Through video, we can tie into real life experiences of the customer by placing them up close in an environment where the product is being used. Potential customers can viscerally experience the product demonstration. We can tap into the emotional and experiential understanding that the customer has and better demonstrate and build trust. This visceral experience is powerful and can make a huge difference when it comes down to deciding to act or not. Video takes the experiential to the next level.

Our approach for Samson Rope was to create a corporate/product video that presents the product front and center. We chose to make the product the hero. We allowed the product to get dirty, placed it in the mud and put it to use. The rope was framed at the level that a person handling the rope could relate to. This approach helped us to tap into the daily life of the customer and their needs. The production and sharing of videos allowed Samson Rope’s customers to overcome their hurdle into acceptance of the company promise.


A well-produced video communicates on many levels. In order to achieve a successful video outcome, Rain Visual Strategy / Design focuses on the following six areas:

The steps for a successful video

First, we consider the organization of the story. This step involves creation of a storyboard and script. How do we introduce key elements necessary to convey the complete concept to the customer? It is important to identify and include keywords in the script that will best resonate with the audience.

Second, we evaluate the setting, location and lighting and time of day, all in order to relate to the customer’s daily experience. The art direction of these elements can make or break the video.

Third, we consider the rhythm and pacing of the scenes. How fast does it flow or should it flow? What should the mood be? How do we want the viewer to feel? (Relaxed, safe, compelled to take action, etc.)

Fourth, we consider the sound effects. Sound is exceptional at connecting people to an idea or concept. Sound effects connect us with the place and the moment. Ambient sounds like a door closing or opening or sounds of footsteps walking in the dirt can all add to the experience. Sound also helps control the rhythm and emotion. Sound can connect a viewer to cultural or historical cues which allow the viewer to be transported to another place or time.

Fifth, we digitally capture using the highest resolution possible. Without the ability to see the details in excellent quality and with consideration of the most creative angles and closeups at different points in the video, the true essence may not be captured.`

Sixth, we thoughtfully edit the video, sometimes adding additional illustrations or key messaging in specific areas to more completely tie the messaging together.

Video has the ability to deliver a unique, compelling and controlled experience for your potential customers. Video allows people to see a product or service in action, realize and trust in the value and establish a favor in your company promise. With an experienced marketing and production team, you can be on your way to creating a purposeful video to disseminate to your prospects. Need a video? Let’s Talk! Check out some of the videos we’ve worked on here.

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