Building a brand for a start up company

The Start-up

CryBaby Semi-Permanent Mascara Branding

CryBaby had an amazing new product — a waterproof mascara that lasts for weeks! Our challenge was to develop a brand identity that conveyed CryBaby’s beauty and convenience so women around the world could use this brilliant mascara that is impervious to water, rain and/or tears.


The logo was designed to juxtapose refined elegance with the playful, hand-drawn brush lettering. We wanted everything about the look to be fresh, bright and carefree, and to reflect the characteristics of the product. Marketed to, and applied by salon professionals, the brand has to convey convenience and ease.

Marketing Brochures

Mascara is the number one makeup product of a multi-million dollar cosmetic industry. But CryBaby was creating a completely new niche within that industry. With a very limited budget, Rain created effective cosmetic marketing materials that made this small start-up company look like a player on this very large stage. Every aspect of the brand had to be considered to promote this revolutionary product.

In-Salon Marketing

CryBaby Semi-permanent mascara is marketed and sold to salon professionals. CryBaby wanted to support their clients with in-salon marketing materials to promote sales to the end-user customer. Rain designed a series of posters to promote the ease and beauty of the product. These posters are used in the CryBaby booth at Health and Beauty trade shows. They are also available to salon professionals to promote the brand to customers.

Website Development

CryBaby had a bold marketing plan to promote their new product worldwide. Developing a website to promote the product, answer questions and guide professionals was critical to the launch. Within the first two years, Crybaby has successfully distributed their product into salons across the US, Canada and Europe.

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