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Samson Rope is a company with a very long history. They began making cord over 130 years ago. They have provided rope solutions globally to many industries including tug, mooring, climbing & rescue, NASA, military, offshore & deep sea uses, and most recently, mining.

Improve the Brand Message

Samson Rope wanted to strengthen their brand position in the market against the lesser quality and lower cost rope products that they are increasingly competing against. In order to assist Samson Rope on how to build trust with customers,  we began with an audit of their competition and their current brand and sales materials to identify opportunities to improve the brand message. After the initial evaluation, we determined areas where messaging could be refined, and specified marketing tools to better reach their customers.

Establish Trust With Strong Photography

We felt it was critical to establish trust with Samson Rope’s customers. Whether a new customer or if they were already familiar with Samson Rope products, positioning them as the trusted partner in synthetic rope was important to the overall success
 of the campaign.

One method to build trust was to become more visually engaging through the use of powerful photography. Our partner photographers at Relentless provided both still and HD video production for us, and the results are strong.

Our goal with the new visuals was to place the viewer within the images, and have them feel as if they were viewing the product in their own environment. We also wanted to depict the rope product as the hero: strong, trustworthy, and definitely as a superstar.

Below is the new promotional video with Samson Rope seen in action. In addition to this promotional video, we also created case study videos with technical advice and tips for the users. (You can see the case studies videos here, here and here.)

Focus On Customer Needs

Next, we made sure to speak to the Samson Rope’s customer needs and value. Samson had previously focused a lot of communication on their heritage and years in business. While we agreed this was important, we moved it down the list in importance and moved up the customer needs, customer problems and competitive product concerns. This adjustment, combined with showing the product in action, has made a big impact in building customer loyalty and trust from new customers

Rope customers are in a unique position, as they rely heavily on tow lines and other rope products to perform. When a rope fails, it can be fatal. This is why trust is crucial in the equation for a customer to switch from one product to another, especially when the cost of Samson Rope’s product is often more expensive.

The new brand strategy was integrated into the mining segment of Samson Rope’s business. You can see our application of the new strategy into the following items: promotional and case study videos, brochures, print advertising, and email marketing campaign. You can see the details of the various projects in our portfolio section.

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