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As we began to work with and research EmilyGrene, we realized that they don’t just provide lighting solutions or retrofits. They are much more than the average lighting company. EmilyGrene has people that understand lighting, efficiencies, energy savings, and ROI. They are a partner, designer and consultant with the capabilities to design solutions that are completely custom and that meet the specific needs of each customer. EmilyGrene is smart.

EmilyGrene’s Strength is their People

EmilyGrene describes themselves as a “local community based” energy efficiency company. They provide lighting solutions across the nation, but have people in every state who understand the needs of each particular market. The logo Rain created for EmilyGrene is inspired by the people who make up their team. We developed a mark that incorporates the smart heads of the people into the name to emphasize this. The tagline is based on the same brand elements, as it further conveys the smartness and friendliness of the company.

Technology is Key

Rain’s goal was to design a fresh and modern website, to help EmilyGrene stand out from their more traditional, technical competition. New technology is key to EmilyGrene’s work, so Rain made sure the site is fully responsive and updatable via a content management system.

Rain also coordinated with a third party system that compiles EmilyGrene’s online client proposals, to ensure EmilyGrene’s brand voice stays strong throughout their customers’ entire experience.

Speaking in their Own Voice

Rain worked closely with a copywriter to make EmilyGrene’s voice personable and fun in an industry that is often filled with technical jargon.

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