ASU Psychology Department / Bridges Program

No one has ever heard of parents struggling with their adolescent teens…? Well ASU Psychology department decided to develop a 4 part session of training to help both parents and their teens learn to coexist better. This curriculum consists of parent and teen workbooks, session presentation tools to help the facilitator and 52 filmed and animated videos in English and in Spanish. Here is a sampling of some of the finished parts.

Situational Videos, Filmed with Actors

Situational Videos, Animated for Teens

Teaching Skills Videos for Parents

Bridges Parent & Teen Guidebooks

Bridges Recruiting and Information Brochure

Bridges Promotional Banners

Bridges Web Page

Bridges also needed to bring their new programs vision onto the web. This web page was designed to show that the bridges program is not for troubled teens and failed parents. Bridges is a program that helps kids transition into adulthood and preparing for success. And for parents, a program to learn new methods, and relating to their growing teen.

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