Education Marketing for Arizona K12 Center: Improving taching throughout Arizona

The Arizona K12 Center had a goal to become the premier resource for teachers wanting to improve their skills through training. Rain designed an integrated visual system to bring the brand to the forefront of Arizona education.

A New Identity

In this Case Study, Rain shares our experience in education marketing. We redesigned the “Arizona K-12 Center” logo to visually represent the dynamic relationship between students and teacher. At the Arizona K12 Center it is the teachers who become the students through training programs and seminars to improve teaching quality. Incorporated into the logo are colors to represent the rich diversity of teachers. Different colors are integrated into the logo to represent the different segments of the center: vision, leadership, learning and technology. The color palette provided a basis for the rest of the identity system. The design is contemporary and flexible, working within a variety of applications.

Old Logo

New Logo

Designing the Visual Voice

The target audience of the Arizona K12 Center are real people working to become exceptional teachers. We wanted to design the voice of the Arizona K12 Center to be one of honesty, respect and value for the teachers and their profession. Photographs of real Arizona teachers — not models — are used throughout the design system. We show them engaged and active. This imparts impact and relevance to the audience and conveys the professional character of the Center.

Additional Work for the Center

The Arizona K12 Center is constantly innovating and creating new ways to assist teachers. The Mobile Learning Conference presents interactive teaching techniques through the use mobile devices while Lesson 2 Life lets teachers interact with business people and learn how their curriculum and teaching methods correlate with business and industrial practices.

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