A Digital Twist to the Corporate Annucal Report

At Rain we understand how vital annual reports are to communicate a company’s vision and values to their shareholders. Having designed “paper” reports for NV Energy in past years, Rain worked together with the company to design the reports digitally as a more progressive and efficient means of communication — one that saves trees, time and money.

Reduce and Conserve

Rain has partnered with NV Energy on their corporate annual report marketing and design. The NV Energy suite of annual reports includes an Annual Financial Report, a Community Report and a Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report. NV Energy utilizes these reports to convey important information to their shareholders regarding all aspects of the company’s strength, progress and accountability. The reports are designed as a suite for cohesiveness in both story and look. Since they are an energy company, NV Energy is always looking for ways to reduce its energy usage and promote conservation. As a result, Rain worked closely with the company to reduce the number of printed paper pages for these reports, while still providing all of the necessary information.


Online Financial Report

For the past few years NV Energy  reduced the company’s printed reports by having us design the reports as a digital PDFs. However, for the 2012 Financial Report we took the step to design the report as an interactive website. The story of the company’s efforts, earnings and vision were presented in full-color with custom photography showing their latest innovations in technology for the year.

Report Flexibility

We designed the 2011 reports with a consistent look and feel. Both the Financial Report and the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability we designed as interactive and searchable PDFs. This digital format combines many of the advantages of print such as beautiful photography and custom typography, but with considerable cost-savings  The messaging for each of the reports is unique to the audience to which it is sent, but this way the overall corporate brand is maintained.

Printed Pieces and USB Mailing

Certain reports, such as the Community Report are printed in limited quantities and offered to community stake holders in meetings and presentations where a handheld report is still very effective. For individual communication to shareholders and investor inquiries, the reports are mailed out on a small USB flash drive — in this case, one made of sustainable wood and recycled paper envelope —  which is environmentally responsible, efficient and cost-effective. The bulky, oversized mailing of their annual report has been replaced by a much smaller mailing containing the same company message.

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