Eden Innovations

Eden Innovations is an Australian publicly traded company that focuses on the innovation and development of products inspired by nature. These products are also intended to help sustain our planet by being good stewards of the resources found here. There products are ground breaking and are disruptors to the current solutions found in their respective industries.


Rain was tasked with rebranding the company, for future global growth.

Eden Logo, before and after.

Original Logo

New Logo

Eden Tagline

As part of the rebrand we developed a new tagline or descriptor to help their audience understand not only who they are but more so, what their vision is for the future. This statement encapsulates their focus on innovation and new products that protect our planet earth.

Business Card Design

Eden Website

We designed a new website to present Eden in a more contemporary manner and to better engage their audience, which consisted of shareholders and other decision and policy makers. The site also needed to be an introduction to their products and intellectual expertise. The new site was optimized for all mobile devices and search engines.

Eden Website Banners

Eden Shareholder Banners

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